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Are you looking to upgrade your cesspit to a modern sewage treatment plant or are simply looking for professional sesspit maintenance?. Call us on freephone 0800 0131301, we're experts in cesspit repairs and installation and are available for contact 24/7.

Cesspit Conversion

The major flaw of the cesspit has always been that it requires regular emptying and maintenance. This costs money and can be inconvenient. A cesspit is simply a sealed tank in the ground designed to store effluence from a property. Whilst still widely used, many property owners are looking for cesspit conversion and choosing change their cesspit into a more sustainable equivalent, such as a self-contained sewage treatment plant.

Cesspit Maintenance

Cesspit maintenance is necessary at regular intervals throughout the lifetime of any cesspit, in order to ensure that it remains protected from storm water, which could cause flooding and related environmental risks.

Independent Drainage are well placed to maintain your cesspit, with 30 years experience in the sewage industry. We are also a licensed contractor for WPL - leading manufacturers of sewage treatment plants

 If you are experiencing problems with your cesspit you can benefit from our free call out service. This means we'll visit your site and provide a no obligation quote at no cost to you. This also applies to Cesspit Conversions.

All charges will be agreed prior to undertaking the work, so there are no hidden costs. We are all fully insured too, and all work carried out is guaranteed. 

Cesspit Problems?

If you are experiencing urgent cesspit problems, you can contact Independent Drainage 24 hours a day on 0800 0131301 or contact us online.