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Whatever your drainage issue, be sure to call us freephone on 0800 0131301 to arrange a call out. We can offer damp investigation, rodent investigation or locate whatever else may be causing your drainage issues. Once identified, Independent Drainage will also provide you with an inexpensive quote for the work needed to solve the problem.

If you have suffered issues with damp, subsidence or unpleasant smells, the cause is often the same - faulty drainage. If pipes become blocked or damaged, they will often leak. This can cause wet patches to appear on your property, leading to unpleasant odors and can potentially cause damage to surrounding masonry.

Identifying Drainage Problems

We have the technology and expertise to help you diagnose and fix the problems caused by faulty pipes and sewage treatment systems - including cesspits, soakaways and septic tanks. Using the latest CCTV cameras we can inspect pipework beneath the ground, identifying where problems are arising and what the cause may be.

Independent Drainage won't simply help you to find faults, but will also offer you effective solutions. As drainage experts and professional sewage treatment plant installers, we can provide a competitive quote for the work needed to rectify any issues you're facing - however extensive they may be.

Providing Effective Solutions

So whether your septic tank has overflowed following a heavy storm or there's a nasty smell emanating from a damp area in the garden, we can help. Perhaps you've found out that your drainage is connected to the wrong system following a visit from pollution control; again, Independent Drainage will be able to solve this for you.