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Whether you need an existing septic tank replacing, or you need a new independent sewage and drainage system, then you should choose Independent Drainage. To arrange a quote or a site inspection, call us free on 0800 0131301; we are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

How Do I know if I need Septic Tank Installation?

Septic tanks are needed for anyone without mains drainage; so if you require sewage disposal, a septic tank is the best solution for you and your drainage needs.

You may have an existing septic tank that no longer fulfils your family’s needs. Likewise, you may have moved to a new home to find the existing septic tank isn’t adequate. It’s important you have the right size and type of septic tank for you and your family’s needs; here at Independent Drainage we can help. 

If a septic tank hasn’t been maintained properly, or the wrong sized tank has been used, you may experience some unpleasant smells, damp areas of the garden or even subsidence. When this happens, the problem may be so severe that you need a new septic tank installed.

Make sure you choose the right septic tank that suits your needs, failure to do so may cause future drainage problems. For advice and to discuss septic tank costs call Independent Drainage today and speak to a member of our friendly team.