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Sewer Excavation

The traditional way of repairing a defective drain or sewer is to dig down and remove the damaged section of pipe and then replace the length with a new section of clay or UPVC pipe. The excavation would then be backfilled and the surface reinstated to its pre-works condition. We ensure that as little disruption as possible is experienced by our clients during sewer repair.

Sewer Lining

In simple terms, lining is where a pre-formed polyester tube is inserted into the drain or sewer and resins are introduced that cure, leaving the liner in contact with the inner wall of the drain/sewer. We can offer the best type of liner for the type of sewer repair required.

Sewer Flexi-Lining Repair

Traditional needle felt lining products are not suitable for lining bends. A flexi-line product is made of a material similar to a very heavy duty knitted sock. As a normal sock moulds to the shape of your foot, the flexi-liner moulds to the shape of the bends and curves within a host pipe. This type of sewer repair can be very effective.

Sewer Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a minimum excavation technique that not only reduces the environmental impact (road closures, disruption to local business and residents) that traditional methods of drain or sewer repair or installation causes but also reduces the need and therefore the cost of reinstatement.

In basic terms, pushing steel towing rods through the drain that is to be burst carries out the first process of pipe bursting. Once these are in position an arrow blade is connected onto the end of the rods. The arrow blade and the rods are pulled through the pipe by the hydraulic winch that is located at the other end of the run. The arrow blade cuts the pipe as it progresses and is immediately followed by the bursting head that has the replacement pipe set inside it. The replacement pipe can be either the same size as the original or can be larger, depending upon the size of the replacement pipe and soil conditions.

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