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To find out more about high pressure water jetting or any of our other services, contact Independent Drainage free on 0800 0131301. More often than not drainage issues will be caused by a buildup of debris or roots penetrating the pipework. By using focused jets of highly pressurised water, unblocking of pipes is both safe and effective.

We can identify the exact location and cause of any issues during our extensive survey process to make sure that it is properly dealt with. 

Safe and Efficient High Pressure Water Jetting

Each Independent Drainage survey vehicle comes equipped with a powerful water jetter. Therefore, if your drainage pipes require cleaning or unblocking, we will be able to immediately assist.

Water jetting can not only eliminate the blockage, but also the cause of it too. It can also reveal issues that may require further actions. For example, if a root has broken through a pipe the likelihood is that it will need to be repaired.

Drainage plays an important role for any home, which is why it is important that it functions efficiently. If you are experiencing issues with flooding or bad smells, this could be caused by water backing up due to blockages. Even more important is to be aware of any drainage problems before purchasing a new property. By having a pre-purchase drainage survey you can have piece of mind that no hidden problems are awaiting you.