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A cesspit is a sealed underground holding tank designed to receive and store foul waste water. The disadvantage with a cesspit is that the only way to remove the waste is with a suction tanker. This means that they can be very expensive to maintain, leading the homeowner to be very cautious about the amount of water they use. Cesspits are generally installed by the house builder, as at the time of construction there were no other options available to manage the property’s foul waste water. This makes them very different to Sewage Treatment Plants and Septic Tanks, as they require much more frequent empties due to their limited capacity/function in comparison.


Cesspits are generally constructed of brick or fibreglass. They are very large in size and volume in order to give around 2 to 3 months storage between empties. Due to their size theyca be expensive to install. One main benefit of a cesspit is that they do not require a discharge permit and do not fall under the General Binding Rules




When cesspits are poorly installed without the correct concrete surround, or when they have been placed too close to large trees, damage to the walls of the tank can occur. Cesspits are often installed in areas where there is a high-water table.


A leaking cesspit that allows groundwater inside the tank will result in more frequent emptying and unnecessary expense. A leaking cesspit that allows sewage water to escape into the surrounding ground will cause pollution.


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Have you recently purchased a house with a cesspit in need of work? 

Cesspits can suffer damage from a wide range of sources including tree roots, vehicles, ground movement, and most commonly, a lack of maintenance. 

Cesspits which are not emptied regularly and serviced regularly develop cracks and punctures which lead to underground leaks. 

These issues usually go unnoticed until the owner notices an unpleasant smell coming from the cesspit area, or bubbling liquid pooling nearby. 

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