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Can you use a Saniflo Macerating Toilet with Septic Tanks?

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Sometimes, septic tanks are the only solution for off-mains sewage. But can they be used with Saniflo systems? We investigate the situations where you’d need to install a macerating toilet, and find out if these systems are compatible with septic tanks and off-mains drainage.


Yes, you can indeed install a Saniflo, or macerating toilet, in a property with a septic tank or sewage treatment plant. The mechanical macerating and pumping system introduces no chemicals that will harm the anaerobic process. But why would you need to use one in your property?


Macerating toilets and pumping systems can be installed anywhere in a property, but they’re suited to two situations best:

  1. Toilets in basements

  2. Toilets located very far from the main soil pipe


In a normal toilet flush, gravity takes the waste and water away down the soil pipe.

Typically, new basement installations sit below grade – or below the level of the main drainage line into a septic system. This means that gravity can’t do the work of transporting the waste.

If you’re installing an underground space in a property with off-mains drainage, you’ll need a way to get the flushed waste back up to the level of the septic tank or sewage treatment plant.

That’s where a macerating toilet comes in. It’s fairly common knowledge that the macerator liquefies the waste, but it also pumps it in the direction of travel – which can be any direction at all – towards the drainage system.

Because the waste has been liquefied, no substantial pressure is created by the pump, which means that normal pipes can be used. There’s also no impact on septic tank or sewage treatment plant performance as a result.


Macerators and pumps can also be installed if you plan to build a new outbuilding or extension on your property.

If a toilet needs to be installed but it lies very far from the main drain line, a macerator and pump can help move waste without extensive changes to the plan, large amounts of groundwork or an additional septic tank or sewage treatment plant installation.


Macerators and pumps usually come in sealed units, but maintenance is recommended – and part of this includes limescale treatment. It is possible to clear limescale without using harsh acids and chemicals that can kill the bacteria in your septic tank – but if in doubt, consult your macerator’s manufacturer on the best way to maintain your system with off-mains drainage.

Usually, normal pantry staples like vinegar and baking soda can be used to get rid of limescale in a more natural and biologically-friendly way, so these could come in handy with a macerating toilet.


If you’re thinking of extending your property or digging a basement level, you should think about upgrading your septic tank or cesspit to a modern, effective sewage treatment plant.

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